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Can You Sue a Hospital for Substandard Care?


When you receive care in a hospital, the hospital facility itself is usually, though not always, responsible for the conduct of its physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. If you receive substandard care that causes injury or other harm, it may be difficult to determine the party liable for your care when drafting a medical malpractice claim . Together with your attorney in Annapolis, you will evaluate the situation and the individual responsible for your injury to determine whether you should sue the hospital or the doctor responsible for your care. When patients are injured due to negligence or mistakes made by hospital staff, including doctors, the hospital is considered liable. However, some doctors and staff may be contractors, rather than direct employees; if you are injured by a non-employee doctor, your malpractice case will focus on the doctor, rather than the hospital, as the liable party.

Malpractice law can be confusing and even impossible for non-professionals to understand and utilize properly on their own. Choosing an attorney that specializes in malpractice cases will improve your experience and the outcome of filing a medical malpractice claim. medical-malpractice