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Dealing with Mistakes Made By Your Doctor


If you believe that you have a solid medical malpractice case in Annapolis due to a doctor’s mistake or negligence, you should contact an experienced malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. When a doctor makes a mistake that results in injury, disability, or death, you must act quickly to begin building a successful malpractice case. Here are some tips for dealing with medical mistakes made by your doctor. gavel-and-stethascope

Visit a Specialist Immediately

As soon as you discover that your doctor’s malpractice or negligence caused you injury, you should visit a specialist. If you identify the problem quickly enough, a specialist may be able to correct the problem and prevent further damage. The specialist should have experience treating the specific injury or medical problem that arose from your doctor’s negligence. He will need your full medical history, particularly every piece of information regarding the doctor’s malpractice or medical error. Describe to your specialist what your health conditions were before, during, and after the medical error.

File a Complaint and Retain All Documentation

You must immediately file a formal complaint against the doctor who committed medical malpractice. If you can’t determine the exact procedure for filing a malpractice complaint, consult an attorney for assistance. Filing a complaint will prompt your state’s medical board to investigate the circumstances surrounding the medical error, and may result in disciplinary action. Future patients will have access to basic complaint information, which may warn them against visiting a disreputable doctor. Be sure to retain all documentation regarding your medical history, procedures by your doctor, diagnoses and procedures by your specialist, and your malpractice complaint.

Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer is necessary if you have significant injuries, illness, disability, pain, or suffering resulting from medical malpractice or negligence. An attorney can determine if you have enough documentation of your damages to justify filing malpractice case with the court. If your attorney wins your malpractice case and proves that your doctor was negligent and you suffered significant damages, you might be awarded a settlement or judgment award.