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Family Awarded Settlement in Tragic Medical Misdiagnosis Case


Unfortunately, many cases of medical misdiagnoses are often fought posthumously after a patient succumbs to the disease that a doctor failed to diagnose. Such a case was brought to us after a dermatology physician assistant (PA) failed to diagnose and treat a malignant melanoma on the patient’s scalp. Tragically, the skin cancer became metastatic and, eventually, fatal.


It was revealed throughout the course of discovery that the PA who had treated the patient had not received any training in the field of dermatology outside of on-the-job shadowing of the practice’s dermatologists. Without the tools or knowledge to make a skin cancer diagnosis, the PA failed to catch the melanoma before it metastasized and led to the patient’s death.


With clear evidence that the PA’s lack of training contributed to the death of the patient, the medical malpractice team at Hyatt & Weber was able to help the family of the patient receive the financial compensation they deserved. The case was settled in favor of our client for an amount of over $500,000.

If a missed diagnosis led to suffering or death of you or a loved one, you could be due financial compensation. If you are suspicious of medical malpractice and you’re ready to take legal action, call Hyatt & Weber at (410) 384-4316.