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Medication Errors in the Hospital: When to Call an Attorney


Patients rely on their healthcare providers to do their jobs correctly. When a doctor, nurse, or other provider makes a mistake, patients can suffer significant harm and even wrongful death in some cases. But it’s often difficult to know if medical harm was caused by medical malpractice . That’s one reason why it’s important to contact medical negligence lawyers in Annapolis, MD or in your area, as soon as possible. A medical lawyer can review your medical records to determine if a nurse or other provider may have incorrectly administered medications in the hospital.

Some common errors that attorneys see in these types of cases include administering the wrong dosage of a drug or administering the wrong drug entirely. Sometimes this occurs because two drugs are similarly spelled and the pharmacist or nurse misreads the doctor’s orders. In other cases, medical negligence involves a doctor’s misdiagnosis or the failure to thoroughly review a patient’s medical history. This last mistake can lead to the administration of a dangerous combination of drugs. Regardless of the specifics of the medical mistake, it’s always in a patient’s best interests to contact an attorney as soon as possible for a case review.