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Types of Anesthesia That Could Be Involved in Medical Errors


Anesthesia, especially general anesthesia, is inherently dangerous. It should only be administered by a highly trained, qualified provider and the patient must be closely monitored throughout the procedure. The slightest act of medical negligence could mean the difference between life and death. When medical ethics lawyers in Annapolis, MD, investigate wrongful death incidents that were caused by anesthesia errors, the type of anesthesia used is often drugs that induce complete unconsciousness . This is known as general anesthesia. Medical negligence concerning general anesthesia can also lead to permanent, life-changing injuries.

Anesthesia errors can also be committed when administering regional anesthesia. This involves blocking nerve impulses and sensation of a large area of the body. Perhaps the most well-known type of regional anesthesia is the spinal epidural, which is often used during childbirth. Mistakes might also be made when administering dissociative anesthesia, which blocks nerve transmissions within the brain, and local anesthesia, which anesthetizes a specific area of the body. medical-mistake