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What to Do if You Were the Victim of a Prescription Error


When you think of the term “medical malpractice,” a birth injury or a surgical error might come to mind. But actually, medical malpractice near Annapolis can encompass a broad range of problems, including prescription errors. Prescription errors can occur when a healthcare provider administers the wrong medication, the wrong dosage of the right medication, the wrong combination of medications, or a medication to which the patient is allergic. If you think you were the victim of a prescription error , the first step you should take is to contact an attorney.

You can help your attorney investigate the case by providing as much information as possible about the incident and your injury. For example, your attorney may ask if you were prescribed the medication and received it at a pharmacy or if a healthcare provider administered the medication to you. The answer to this question can affect which party might be named as the defendant. Your attorney will also need to know about the severity of your injury and whether it resulted in any lasting medical complications.

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