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What Types of Surgical Errors Can Occur During a C-Section?


Some C-sections are planned, such as for high-risk pregnancies, while others are performed on an emergency basis due to an unexpected complication during labor and delivery. In either case, it is possible that an act of medical negligence can occur. If you suspect medical negligence may have influenced the outcome of your labor and delivery, you have the right to talk to birth injury lawyers in Annapolis, MD, about your case and legal options. One of the most common C-section mistakes is the failure to perform one in situations that warrant it or the failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner.

Other acts of medical negligence include surgical errors that may harm the mother, baby, or both. For instance, the obstetrician may lacerate the internal organs, bowels, or other structures when performing the C-section. An act of medical negligence may even involve lacerations to the child. Oxygen deprivation may occur, which can inflict damage on the brain of the newborn. It is also possible for the medical provider to improperly close the surgical site, which may result in serious infections.

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