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A Modern Residential Condominium in Annapolis’ Historic District


Project: Dean Street Condominium, Annapolis, Maryland

Goal: Client sought to acquire property and to obtain development approvals for a three-unit townhouse project in Annapolis’ Historic District.

Strategy: Hyatt & Weber, P.A. assisted the client initially with formation of its corporate entity to acquire the property. Then, by working closely with the City Department of Planning and Zoning, an interpretation was rendered which allowed the project to proceed as a permitted use rather than as a special exception, significantly streamlining administrative review. The firm assisted the client in securing a necessary variance from the City of Annapolis Board of Appeals and facilitated support for the redevelopment from the Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission and the local residents’ association. The firm concurrently negotiated easements with adjoining neighbors, which ultimately made the project “work.” As construction was underway on the property, Hyatt & Weber registered with the Maryland Office of the Secretary of State a condominium regime for the three-unit residential project.

Results: The Dean Street Condominium project, three modern and impeccably designed townhomes with state-of-the-art underground parking, integrates seamlessly into historic Dean Street in downtown Annapolis.