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Assistance in Anne Arundel County

The alcoholic beverage laws in the State of Maryland are governed by the Alcoholic Beverages Article of the Maryland Code and administered by 24 separate Alcoholic Beverage Control Boards – one for each county, the City of Baltimore and the City of Annapolis. The State Code contains specific requirements for each Maryland jurisdiction, and all of the individual Boards have adopted their own unique – and frequently complex – rules and regulations for administering and enforcing the State-mandated alcoholic beverage requirements.

The attorneys at Hyatt & Weber have over 35 years of experience assisting clients in obtaining alcoholic beverage licenses and in responding to license compliance matters such as notices of violations. We work with clients in any jurisdiction in Maryland, but our alcoholic beverage practice focus is with the Board of License Commissioners for Anne Arundel County and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for the City of Annapolis. We also work with the Alcohol and Tax Division of the Comptroller of Maryland.

Obtaining an Alcoholic Beverage License in Maryland can be a Difficult Endeavor

There are numerous, and frequently unique, classes of alcoholic beverage licenses in each jurisdiction for on-sale restaurants and off-sale establishments. Each class of licenses requires a somewhat different approach for successfully obtaining and maintaining the license. Hyatt & Weber assists with preparation of the very lengthy and involved license application, arranges for the involvement of local licensees, assists with public notice requirements, and recommends (and aids in the establishment of) an appropriate business structure to hold the license. The firm represents clients at the requisite Board public hearings for approval of the alcoholic beverage license, including arranging for the analysis and testimony of required subject matter and the necessary experts. After the Alcoholic Beverage Board approval, we assist clients in obtaining the necessary business licenses and regulatory approvals to effectuate issuance of the alcoholic beverage license, as well as in the annual renewal process.

Once an alcoholic beverage license is obtained, it is a continuous challenge to ensure adherence to Code requirements and license conditions. The attorneys of Hyatt & Weber work with and prepare clients in the appropriate response to any liquor law violations. We also represent clients at violation hearings.