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Hyatt & Weber has a diverse commercial litigation practice representing businesses and individuals in a variety of complex business disputes. We appear before federal and state courts, as well as administrative agencies and arbitration panels throughout the country, including Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia. Representative matters involving Hyatt & Weber attorneys have included disputes regarding various types of business contracts, trade secrets and other intellectual property claims, consumer protection claims, shareholder and partnership disputes, real property disputes, bank loans, alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, civil RICO and other fraud claims, product liability claims, privacy claims, employment litigation (including enforcement of non-compete agreements), and insurance coverage disputes. Our attorneys also have been involved in litigation concerning professional liability claims, professional disciplinary proceedings, foreclosures, repossessions and lender liability matters.

The firm has achieved outstanding results for many clients by litigating cases to their conclusion, but we also understand that litigation can be costly and, in many cases, should be an option of last resort. To this end, our attorneys often perform an early case evaluation to advise a client about strengths and weaknesses in a particular case so that the client can evaluate whether and how much it wants to invest in the lawsuit. We also evaluate whether early case resolutions are possible, either through direct negotiations, mediation, or otherwise, as early resolution can save substantial sums of money and intangible costs, such as employee time and the allocation of other company resources.

When litigation is unavoidable, Hyatt & Weber attorneys zealously represent clients until cases are finally resolved, whether that is through settlement, dispositive motion, jury or bench verdict, appeal, or arbitration panel ruling. We are thorough in our approach, working with witnesses to learn the relevant facts, researching relevant law, and preparing each case to achieve victory. Throughout each case, we are mindful of the fees and expenses incurred, as it is our goal to litigate each case as cost effectively as possible. To achieve this outcome, we evaluate how to allocate resources during discovery and trial and which issues should be resolved by courts or panels with a motions practice. We make these decisions in close collaboration with our clients so you can make informed decisions about when and where resources should be allocated while taking into consideration changes in the relative merits of a case that arise from factual developments during discovery.

While our attorneys are dedicated to prevailing in each case, we are aware that there may be business interests other than those being litigated that need to be considered when developing and executing a litigation strategy. We work closely with our clients to understand how certain actions during litigation may affect other business transactions or future lawsuits, keeping in mind that the overall objectives of the business must be a priority at all times.