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Hyatt & Weber advises companies and represents them in litigation on matters concerning the employment relationship. We have extensive experience working with large, small, and mid-size employers in various industries and that operate in multiple jurisdictions. Our goal is to help employers avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. However, when litigation is required, attorneys at Hyatt & Weber have a proven record of litigating cases to a successful conclusion.

To prevent litigation, attorneys at Hyatt & Weber work proactively with clients to develop creative and effective employment policies, practices and procedures. For example, we help employers draft employee handbooks and develop document retention programs; conduct wage and hour audits; develop programs that help protect trade secrets and other confidential information; address privacy concerns; and train managers and employees on a variety of legal issues, including harassment prevention. We work with employers to identify business interests to draft non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements. In addition, we advise companies on day-to-day issues, such as hiring and termination decisions, leave requests, employee discipline and accommodations for individuals with disabilities. We also are retained to conduct highly sensitive and complex investigations concerning allegations of misconduct, such as allegations of harassment, discrimination, fraud and drug use in the workplace.

When matters must be resolved through litigation, Hyatt & Weber attorneys have litigated various employment disputes in federal and state courts around the country. We have represented clients before government agencies, including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), Department of Labor, and comparable agencies at the state and local levels. Our cases have included allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation under employment statutes such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”), the Sarbanes Oxley Act (“SOX”), National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”), and similar state statutes. Our cases also have involved the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and similar state statutes, the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), misappropriation of trade secrets and other confidential information, non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, confidentiality agreements and other contract claims, defamation, interference with contractual relations, and other employment-related torts, among other claims. We measure success not only by our litigation victories but also by helping our clients achieve desirable resolutions, where appropriate, without incurring the costs of extended litigation. To this end, Hyatt & Weber attorneys conduct early and thorough analyses of cases so that our clients are able to make informed decisions about the risks and costs associated with litigation. We also explore potential early and cost-effective resolutions through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution where appropriate.