California Federal Court Addresses When a Web Page Consists of a Single Document

As companies rely more on the Internet to make disclosures to consumers, employees, applicants, businesses, and other parties, more questions are bound to be raised as to whether the disclosures are sufficient. In Burnthorne-Martinez v. Sephora USA, Inc. , Case No. 16-CV-02843-YGR, 2016 WL 6892721 (N.D. Cal. Nov. 23, 2016), the United States District Court […]

NLRB Finds Social Media Policy Prohibiting False and Misleading Statements and Disclosure of Confidential Information is Unlawful

The National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB” or “Board”) continued its attack on social media policies that it believes interfere with employees’ Section 7 rights. In Chipolte Services, LLC , 364 N.L.R.B. No. 72 (2016), the NLRB affirmed the rulings, findings, and conclusions (with some minor modifications) of an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) that found, among […]

When Can a Third Party Enforce a Contract?

Generally, only parties to a contract may seek enforcement of that contract. There are certain exceptions, however, where a third party may file suit to enforce the contract as an intended “beneficiary” to that contract. In Hossain v. JMU Properties, LLC , 147 A.3d 816 (D.C. 2016), the District of Columbia Court of Appeals illustrated […]

Second Circuit Applies Cat’s Paw Theory to Retaliation by a Co-Worker

The cat’s paw theory of liability (written about here ) allows a company to be held liable for discrimination when an employee is terminated from employment by a supervisor who has no discriminatory animus, but that supervisor is manipulated unknowingly by the discriminatory animus of another employee to take the adverse action against the employee. […]

Montgomery County, Maryland Expands Earned Sick and Save Leave Law

On October 1, 2016, the Earned Sick and Save Leave Law went into effect for companies that employ individuals in Montgomery County, Maryland. A little over one month after the law took effect, Montgomery County expanded the reach of the statute to include two other needs for leave that will be covered by the statute. […]

Federal Court Enjoins Implementation of New FLSA Regulations

In State of Nevada v. United States Department of Labor , Civil Action No. 4:16-cv-00731, 2016 WL 6879615 (E.D. Tex. Nov. 22, 2016), the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a nationwide temporary injunction, preventing the final rule promulgated by the United States Department of Labor (“DOL”) that sought to […]

Medication Errors in the Hospital: When to Call an Attorney

Patients rely on their healthcare providers to do their jobs correctly. When a doctor, nurse, or other provider makes a mistake, patients can suffer significant harm and even wrongful death in some cases. But it’s often difficult to know if medical harm was caused by medical malpractice . That’s one reason why it’s important to […]

Hyatt & Weber Holiday Party

The annual Hyatt & Weber Holiday Party was once again the event of the season in Annapolis! Over 200 guests joined attorneys and staff of the firm in the Severn Bank lobby at Westgate Circle for festive fare by Karen Wilder Events, including an oyster bar and holiday-themed desserts. Guests also enjoyed jazz and holiday […]

Examining the Risk of Shoulder Dystocia During Delivery

One type of medical problem that birth injury lawyers see is shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia can be harmful for both mother and baby. It occurs when the infant’s head has been safely delivered, but the shoulder remains lodged behind the pelvic bone. Shoulder dystocia can cause permanent nerve damage and paralysis. Because the cost of […]

What Are the Different Kinds of Cerebral Palsy?

When medical negligence occurs in Annapolis and other areas of MD, many different types of health problems can result, including cerebral palsy. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you have the right to consult a malpractice lawyer to discuss whether medical errors played a role . Birth injury lawyers will need certain […]