Nursing Home Negligence: A Case Study

A recent Hyatt & Weber client, a disabled woman in her 50s, was admitted to the hospital for increased weakness and decreased level of functioning. She was later transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation. In her medical chart, it was clearly expressed that she needed to receive special care and attention due to her […]

Medication Errors in the Hospital: When to Call an Attorney

Patients rely on their healthcare providers to do their jobs correctly. When a doctor, nurse, or other provider makes a mistake, patients can suffer significant harm and even wrongful death in some cases. But it’s often difficult to know if medical harm was caused by medical malpractice . That’s one reason why it’s important to […]

Protecting a Loved One from Nursing Home Abuse

Injury cases that involve nursing home abuse are all too common in the United States. It’s important to be on the lookout for signs of possible abuse or negligence and to contact a personal injury law firm in Annapolis, MD, as soon as possible if you notice anything unusual. These injury cases can involve acts […]

Is Your Doctor’s Failure to Diagnose Your Illness Medical Malpractice?

Did you know that one of the most common problems that give rise to medical negligence cases is a doctor’s failure to diagnose an illness? Some common examples are the failure to diagnose cancer, heart attacks, and meningitis. Unfortunately, these medical errors all too often result in wrongful death. If you suspect that you or […]

A Look at Range of Motion Exercises for Infants with Brachial Plexus Injuries

Medical negligence can sometimes result in birth injuries such as brachial plexus injuries of the shoulder. If your child was diagnosed with a brachial plexus injury after an act of medical negligence, a medical malpractice attorney in Annapolis, MD, can help your family get the compensation you need for special therapy needs. This type of […]

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit After an Elder Abuse Incident

Elder abuse is among the most reprehensible of offenses. It takes considerable trust to place a beloved family member in a nursing home; families have the right to expect that their loved ones will be treated well. When a nursing home breaches that trust by committing elder abuse in Annapolis, it’s time to take action. […]

Facts About Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes

When you entrust your elderly loved one to a nursing home, the last thing you want to consider is that they are not safe in the care of the people you trusted. However, elderly abuse in nursing homes is a common problem with serious consequences. If you suspect that your loved one is a target […]

Breaking the Silence About Elder Abuse

Each year, more than half a million cases of abuse against elderly Americans reach authorities. Sadly, millions more cases go unreported, and elder abuse is a problem even in quiet towns like Annapolis. According to a recent study, elder abuse is on the rise, and almost all elder abuse takes place at the hands of […]

Steps to Take if You Suspect an Elderly Person Is Being Abused

After a lifetime of hard work, seniors deserve the utmost in care and respect. Unfortunately, elder abuse is a common problem in the U.S. Elder abuse in Annapolis may go unreported if the senior is unable or ashamed to tell someone about it. If you have a loved one who is in a nursing home […]

How to Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones from Abuse

Elder abuse is a reprehensible offense that preys upon one of the most vulnerable populations. Family members are often faced with making difficult decisions. They need to ensure that their loved one gets the care they need, yet placing a loved one in a nursing home may expose him or her to abuse. However, there […]