Surgical Errors: Being Informed on Informed Consent

Before surgery, a doctor has a duty to completely inform the patient about the proposed procedure and the risks that are associated with it. “Informed Consent,” gives the patient the ability to make an informed decision with as much information available regarding risks and alternatives about whether or not to undergo the procedure. Components of […]

Family Awarded Settlement in Tragic Medical Misdiagnosis Case

Unfortunately, many cases of medical misdiagnoses are often fought posthumously after a patient succumbs to the disease that a doctor failed to diagnose. Such a case was brought to us after a dermatology physician assistant (PA) failed to diagnose and treat a malignant melanoma on the patient’s scalp. Tragically, the skin cancer became metastatic and, […]

Medical Diagnostic Errors: Mistake or Malpractice?

It is part of human nature to make mistakes; they happen often and to all of us. Unfortunately, sometimes our mistakes can have life-threatening effects on another person. When a doctor makes a mistake, oftentimes it is one that cannot be fixed. When a doctor’s medical diagnostic error results in further suffering or death, that […]

Nursing Home Negligence: A Case Study

A recent Hyatt & Weber client, a disabled woman in her 50s, was admitted to the hospital for increased weakness and decreased level of functioning. She was later transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation. In her medical chart, it was clearly expressed that she needed to receive special care and attention due to her […]

How to Spot Nursing Home Negligence

In a perfect world, a person’s age would not determine the quality of care they receive. Unfortunately, a fast-growing number of legal cases have shown that, too often, seniors in nursing homes can easily fall into neglectful care situations. While it may not be malicious, quality of care can decline for elderly patients for many […]

Medication Errors in the Hospital: When to Call an Attorney

Patients rely on their healthcare providers to do their jobs correctly. When a doctor, nurse, or other provider makes a mistake, patients can suffer significant harm and even wrongful death in some cases. But it’s often difficult to know if medical harm was caused by medical malpractice . That’s one reason why it’s important to […]

Examining the Risk of Shoulder Dystocia During Delivery

One type of medical problem that birth injury lawyers see is shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia can be harmful for both mother and baby. It occurs when the infant’s head has been safely delivered, but the shoulder remains lodged behind the pelvic bone. Shoulder dystocia can cause permanent nerve damage and paralysis. Because the cost of […]

What Are the Different Kinds of Cerebral Palsy?

When medical negligence occurs in Annapolis and other areas of MD, many different types of health problems can result, including cerebral palsy. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you have the right to consult a malpractice lawyer to discuss whether medical errors played a role . Birth injury lawyers will need certain […]

What Are the Most Common Pediatric Medical Misdiagnoses?

Each year, far too many children in Annapolis and other areas of Maryland become injured as a result of medical malpractice . One common form of medical negligence is the misdiagnosis of a disease, disorder, or injury. A pediatric misdiagnosis causes delays in administering the proper course of treatment—a mistake that could prove fatal in […]

Exploring Types of Damages in Medical Malpractice Cases

Patients who have suffered as a result of medical malpractice in Annapolis or elsewhere in Maryland, may have grounds to pursue a medical lawsuit against the healthcare provider or hospital. Statutes of limitations prevent patients from filing lawsuits if too much time has passed since the injury occurred, so contact a medical lawyer promptly to […]