Surgical Errors: Being Informed on Informed Consent

Before surgery, a doctor has a duty to completely inform the patient about the proposed procedure and the risks that are associated with it. “Informed Consent,” gives the patient the ability to make an informed decision with as much information available regarding risks and alternatives about whether or not to undergo the procedure. Components of […]

Medical Diagnostic Errors: Mistake or Malpractice?

It is part of human nature to make mistakes; they happen often and to all of us. Unfortunately, sometimes our mistakes can have life-threatening effects on another person. When a doctor makes a mistake, oftentimes it is one that cannot be fixed. When a doctor’s medical diagnostic error results in further suffering or death, that […]

Nursing Home Negligence: A Case Study

A recent Hyatt & Weber client, a disabled woman in her 50s, was admitted to the hospital for increased weakness and decreased level of functioning. She was later transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation. In her medical chart, it was clearly expressed that she needed to receive special care and attention due to her […]

How to Spot Nursing Home Negligence

In a perfect world, a person’s age would not determine the quality of care they receive. Unfortunately, a fast-growing number of legal cases have shown that, too often, seniors in nursing homes can easily fall into neglectful care situations. While it may not be malicious, quality of care can decline for elderly patients for many […]

What Is the Role of Contributory Negligence in Malpractice Cases?

When a plaintiff files a medical lawsuit in Annapolis, MD, one strategy the defendant may use is to argue that contributory negligence played a role. Contributory negligence simply means that although the defendant may have been largely to blame for the personal injury, the plaintiff also shares some of the responsibility. This is often easiest […]

Proving Negligence When You’re Injured on Someone Else’s Property

Slip and fall accidents are often only a minor inconvenience, but in other cases they can involve debilitating injuries. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Annapolis, MD, and the accident took place on someone else’s property, you might consider speaking with an accident lawyer to find out if you might […]

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Patients who live in Annapolis and have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury often face an unfavorable prognosis. A spinal cord injury can cause permanent paralysis and require a lifetime of extensive and expensive care. After an accident that involves a spinal cord injury, it’s crucial to consult an attorney right away to avoid […]

Recognizing the Signs of Medical Negligence

Medical malpractice is a widespread problem in the U.S. Sometimes, medical errors result in only minor, fleeting complications, but in other malpractice cases, the negligence of healthcare providers can result in death. It’s important for everyone to be proactive participants in their own healthcare. In part, this is accomplished by becoming fully informed of the […]

A Look at Nursing Malpractice Lawsuits

The legal definition of nursing malpractice is a situation in which a nurse fails to perform his duties in a way that causes harm to the patient. This failure can occur in many ways, such as not taking action or pursuing treatment when action is needed, injuring a patient with medical equipment, or administering medication […]

Protecting Your Rights After a Construction Site Accident

The risk of injury on a construction site is high, and when required safety protocols aren’t followed, the risk gets even higher. When site managers fail to adhere to the required guidelines or co-workers or third-party visitors to the site are negligent, the repercussions could be serious. If you were hurt on a construction site […]