Common Types of Anesthesia Errors

Going under anesthesia is so routine in surgery that many patients don’t realize just how dangerous it can be. But when an anesthesiologist makes a critical error, the patient may become gravely injured or even suffer wrongful death. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries as a possible result of anesthesia errors, consider […]

Types of Anesthesia That Could Be Involved in Medical Errors

Anesthesia, especially general anesthesia, is inherently dangerous. It should only be administered by a highly trained, qualified provider and the patient must be closely monitored throughout the procedure. The slightest act of medical negligence could mean the difference between life and death. When medical ethics lawyers in Annapolis, MD, investigate wrongful death incidents that were […]

When to Contact a Malpractice Lawyer About Negligent Post-Operative Care

By necessity, patients place a great deal of trust in the surgical team. When their providers commit acts of medical negligence, the results can be disastrous. Surgical errors can encompass medical malpractice that occurred before, during, or after the operation. If you suspect you were the recipient of negligent post-operative care, you have the right […]

Can You Sue a Hospital for Substandard Care?

When you receive care in a hospital, the hospital facility itself is usually, though not always, responsible for the conduct of its physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. If you receive substandard care that causes injury or other harm, it may be difficult to determine the party liable for your care when drafting a medical […]

A Look at Landmark Prescription Drug Settlements

Medical malpractice cases aren’t the only examples of patient injuries when they are receiving care. When drug companies make fraudulent claims about their products and their safety, they are putting profits above your wellbeing. If you have suffered an injury as the result of a prescription drug, bring your case to an attorney in Annapolis […]

What to Do if You Were the Victim of a Prescription Error

When you think of the term “medical malpractice,” a birth injury or a surgical error might come to mind. But actually, medical malpractice near Annapolis can encompass a broad range of problems, including prescription errors. Prescription errors can occur when a healthcare provider administers the wrong medication, the wrong dosage of the right medication, the […]