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Advice for Avoiding Common Car Accidents


When it comes to car accidents, auto injury lawyers in Annapolis and all across MD, have seen it all. From mass transit accidents to commercial truck wrecks, an accident lawyer has the experience to obtain compensation on behalf of victims . But despite the prevalence of crashes, many people underestimate just how easily common objects inside vehicles can become dangerous, airborne projectiles. When you watch this video, you’ll get some insightful advice on avoiding personal injuries and even wrongful death because of airborne projectiles.

This automotive expert explains the dangers in transporting food during the holiday season, such as pumpkin pies and casseroles. She recommends securing hot casseroles in a laundry basket lined with a beach towel. You can attach bungee cords inside the laundry basket to form an “X” to prevent the dish from becoming airborne during a crash.