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Avoid These Mistakes After an Auto Accident


Even if you’ve previously been involved in a car accident , it’s all too easy to panic and make mistakes in the aftermath of a collision. Sometimes, making mistakes after a car accident may make it more difficult for you to obtain a fair settlement from the insurance company. This is why it’s a good idea to contact a law firm after being involved in a car accident in Baltimore. Your attorney can provide expert legal guidance, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and file a personal injury lawsuit if need be. car accident baltimore

Don’t Flee the Scene

One of the worst mistakes to make after an auto accident is to flee the scene of the crash . Even if you tapped the bumper of a parked car and the other driver is nowhere to be seen, you need to at least stay there long enough to leave your insurance and contact information for the other driver. In some cases, leaving the scene of a collision could result in a misdemeanor or even a felony charge.

Remember to Exchange Information

It’s a good idea to keep a small notebook and a pen in your car in the event of emergencies such as a car accident. You’ll need to write down information such as the name of the other driver’s insurance company, policy number, contact information, driver’s license number, make and model, and license plate. You’ll also need to provide this information to the other driver. In addition, you should write down the names and contact information for any passengers and witnesses, and you should take photographs of the crash site and the damage, if possible.

Avoid Making an Oral Agreement

Another common mistake drivers make in the aftermath of a car crash is to make a “gentleman’s agreement.” If the damage is minor and there were no injuries, the other driver may try to tempt you into paying for the damage out of pocket, rather than involving the police. This can cost you in the long run, since the other driver may not have insurance, which generally means that he or she cannot afford to pay for the damage. Additionally, failing to contact the police means that you will not have a police report to substantiate your claim.