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Medical Malpractice: A Look at Anesthesia Errors


General anesthesia is routinely used for surgical procedures. However, it’s more dangerous than you might think. Anesthesiologists are specially trained to safely induce an unconscious state. Unfortunately, even a simple mistake under general, regional, or dissociative anesthesia can lead to permanent coma or death. Injury includes traumatic brain injury, organ failure, and peripheral nerve injury, among others. If you or a loved one has developed complications after receiving anesthesia , consult with an attorney and discuss whether medical malpractice may have occurred.

Malpractice lawyers can investigate whether the anesthesiologist may have administered too much of a drug. Sometimes, anesthesiologists administer too small a dosage, which can result in anesthesia awareness – a traumatic experience in which the patient is awake for the surgery, yet unable to move or communicate. An attorney can also assess whether the anesthesiologist failed to properly monitor the patient, failed to administer oxygen properly, or failed to provide adequate pre-operative instructions for the restriction of food and liquid intake.

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