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Protecting Your Rights After a Construction Site Accident


The risk of injury on a construction site is high, and when required safety protocols aren’t followed, the risk gets even higher. When site managers fail to adhere to the required guidelines or co-workers or third-party visitors to the site are negligent, the repercussions could be serious. If you were hurt on a construction site in a preventable accident, talk to an attorney in Annapolis about how to protect your rights.

If an injury on a job site was caused by negligence, then your attorney can pursue damages on your behalf to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Forklift accidents, burn and electrocution injuries, and crane accidents are just a few examples of things that can go wrong on a construction site and lead to serious injuries that could impact your ability work for an extended period of time. Your personal injury attorney lawyer will evaluate your case and determine if negligence lead to a preventable injury to you. To ensure you don’t compromise your right to receive compensation, consult with a lawyer before signing any paperwork at the job site or talking to a company-affiliated insurance provider. Construction-Site-Accident