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Steps to Take If You're Injured in a Car Accident


Have you been hurt in a car accident in Annapolis? If so, you may feel understandably overwhelmed and emotional. Car accidents involving personal injury are especially traumatizing, and you may be focused on simply getting the medical care you need. However, if you are in an accident that was not your fault, you may have a personal injury case. Keep reading to find out what to do after being hurt in a car accident, including seeking medical care, taking detailed notes, and contacting a personal injury lawyer. Car accident

Seek Medical Care

The first thing you should do after any car accident is to seek medical care. Even minor car crashes can result in serious personal injuries. Additionally, some injuries exhibit no symptoms until days or even weeks after a car accident. If you do not seek medical care, you may be suffering from a severe condition, like internal bleeding. To avoid major health complications, always visit your doctor as soon as possible after any car accident. If you know you are hurt, go to the emergency room.

Take Detailed Notes

A personal injury lawyer advises anyone who has been hurt in a car crash to take detailed notes. Recording as much as you can about accidents is essential to building a legal case—and to filing your insurance claim. Make sure to take detailed notes on your medical treatment so you are properly reimbursed. Write down names for all doctors and physical therapists, and keep receipts for any prescription medications or assistive devices. Save all medical bills and receipts, and make copies of any correspondence.

Contact Injury Attorney

If you are hurt in an accident that was not your fault, contact a car accident lawyer. These lawyers regularly seek compensation for individuals hurt in car accidents and have experience with relevant state laws. Your accident lawyer will review the facts of your case and examine all documentation to determine whether you may have a car accident claim.