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Tips for Documenting the Circumstances of an Auto Accident


After a car accident, it can take weeks or even months to pick up the pieces. You’ll likely have a long to-do list filled with medical appointments, car rentals, auto body repairs, and much more. However, when you enlist an accident lawyer in Annapolis, MD, to assist you, you’re gaining a powerful ally who can help you obtain a just car accident settlement . Before your accident lawyer negotiates with the insurance carrier or files a personal injury lawsuit, he or she will need all of the information you have about the circumstances of the crash and your accident-related injuries. red-car-crash


Photographic evidence can have a powerful effect on a jury, should your personal injury case go to trial. It can also be immensely helpful in coaxing a fair settlement out of the insurance carrier. After any auto accident, it’s essential to take plenty of photos. Take multiple pictures of all involved vehicles, including close-ups of the damage. If any property inside your car was damaged, such as a laptop or other valuables, take pictures of these items. Take pictures of the scene of the crash, such as damaged guardrails, traffic lights, traffic signs, and skid marks on the road.

Witness Statements

The statements of neutral eyewitnesses can substantiate your claims. Before eyewitnesses start to walk away from the scene, approach them and request their full names and contact information. If they’re willing to do so, they could also provide a brief written statement about what they saw. Your accident lawyer can contact them later on to obtain a more detailed statement. If there are no obvious eyewitnesses standing around near the crash site, consider going into retail shops or other nearby establishments to find out if any employees or patrons saw the crash.

Police Report

The police report is an invaluable tool for your personal injury lawyer. Before you leave the accident site, be sure to ask the police officer how you can obtain a copy of the report. Typically, you’ll need to visit the law enforcement agency and provide the location and date of the accident. However, you might also need the badge number or name of the police officer. Get this report as soon as possible after the crash and provide a copy to your attorney.