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What Are the Common Causes and Treatments of Traumatic Brain Injuries?


Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when an external force causes brain dysfunction. When traumatic brain injury occurs due to a car accident or as a result another’s negligence, victims must contact a law firm with experience handling personal injury cases in Annapolis. These injuries usually result from violent blows or jolts to the head or body or an object penetrating the skull. Read on to learn more about the exact causes of TBI and how these serious injuries are treated. traumatic brain injury lawyer annapolis

Common Causes

TBI is commonly caused by a slip and fall. For example, someone may fall in an icy parking lot, down rickety apartment stairs, or from a ladder while in the workplace. TBI may also occur after a car or truck accident. These accidents may involve pedestrians, bikers, two consumer vehicles, or big rig commercial trucks. Some traumatic brain injuries occur as a result of violence, including domestic violence, gunshot wounds, or shaken baby syndrome. Traumatic brain injuries can occur during an athletic game like hockey, baseball, soccer, or boxing. Sadly, TBI are particularly common at youth sporting events, especially if children are not provided with the proper protective gear. Finally, many soldiers suffer TBI during combat activities in wartime.

Available Treatments

Treatment for traumatic brain injury generally depends on the nature of the injury-causing event and the force of impact on the skull and brain. Even the mildest traumatic brain injuries require substantial time off from work or school and close at-home monitoring. Moderate and severe TBIs require immediate emergency care to minimize inflammation, bleeding, and reduced oxygen supply to the brain. Many people also require anti-seizure or coma-inducing drugs. Some patients require emergency surgery. Almost all injury patients require rehabilitation involving a team of physicians.