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What Injuries Are Most Common on Construction Sites?


If you suffer from an accident on a construction site, you may need to hire a personal injury lawyer near Annapolis to pursue a lawsuit. Depending upon the circumstances surrounding your accident and injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. Here is a look at which injuries are most common on construction sites. personal-injury-claim

Injury Due to Falls or Falling Objects

The most common cause of a construction injury is a fall. This could be a fall from a ladder, scaffolding, building, or piece of equipment. The fall could be due to worker negligence, or unsafe conditions on a construction site. If the injury was the result of employer negligence or an unsafe site, you can consult with an attorney to determine if you are eligible to file a workers compensation or personal injury claim. Construction site injuries can also result from falling objects, such as tools, equipment, or construction materials.

Equipment and Vehicle-Related Injury

Serious injuries, disability, and even death can occur when construction equipment or vehicles malfunction or are not properly operated or maintained. If the equipment or vehicle malfunctioned, you can consult with an attorney about filing a product liability lawsuit. If the site manager or another employee failed to maintain the equipment properly, you might be able to file a negligence or personal injury lawsuit. If another worker was not operating the equipment or vehicle according to state laws, site regulations, or safety standards, he may be found guilty of negligence if you file a personal injury claim.

Fires, Explosions, and Collapses

While fires, explosions, and building or trench collapses are much less common than other construction site accidents, they can result in much more serious injuries, and even death. Construction sites often use or contain hazardous, flammable materials that can cause injury if improperly stored, handled, or used. Even if the exact cause of a building or trench collapse is undetermined, an attorney might still be able to prove negligence in a personal injury case.