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What Should Parents Do After a Birth Injury?


In the aftermath of a birth injury, new parents feel understandably devastated, completely confused, and even utterly helpless. But birth injuries in Annapolis are entirely preventable. That means that physicians, nurses, and hospitals are responsible for injuries to newborns that happen as a result of their negligence. If your baby has been injured during delivery, contact a medical malpractice and accident lawyer, and familiarize yourself with this step-by-step guide. birth injury lawyer in annapolis

Assess the Situation

When a baby is injured during birth or a C-section, it is perfectly natural to panic. Parents place a huge amount of trust in the physicians who deliver their babies, and they have often grown close to these doctors throughout the progression of the pregnancy. But the very best thing you can do for your infant during this difficult time is to remain calm. Personal injury attorneys advise new parents to stop communication with the delivering doctor and hospital to avoid inadvertently taking responsibility for a situation in which they are the victims.

Seek Medical Care

Next, medical malpractice attorneys advise new parents to seek immediate medical care for their infant. Many babies suffer from severe injuries, including quadriplegia, paralysis, shoulder dystocia, and cerebral palsy. These injuries will be immediately evident and the infant will likely be rushed into emergency care. But some C-sections and deliveries result in brain, nerve, and muscle damage that is not immediately evident. If your baby is experiencing any difficulties at all, seek immediate medical attention.

Contact an Attorney

After you have sought the treatment, support, and care you need from your healthcare provider, contact an attorney who has handled birth injury cases. Your lawyer can help you understand your legal options and determine whether you may have a valid claim against your physicians for medical negligence. Most importantly, your attorney will ensure that your legal right to seek compensation for your family’s injuries will be protected. While damages awarded typically go to a living child who has suffered harm due to a birth injury, parents may also be able to receive compensation for their own emotional distress during this difficult time.