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Defending the rights of you and your child

Preparing for a baby is a joyous time full of hopes and dreams regarding what your little “mini me” will do with their life. The trip to the hospital may be painful, but you were comforted knowing that the nursing staff and doctors will do their best to ensure that the birthing process goes smoothly. Unfortunately, something went wrong due to medical negligence and the lives of you and your child were forever altered. At Hyatt & Weber, we defend mothers like yourself who have experienced serious birth injuries due to subpar medical care during the birthing process. Sadly, labor and delivery mistakes are common. If you have been injured in the birthing process or your child has sustained serious birth injuries due to medical negligence, you can count on our birth injury lawyers to provide the aggressive representation you deserve.

Don’t let doctors downplay the dangers of childbirth

Childbirth is a complex physical process for both mom and baby. The process usually runs smoothly, so some medical professionals have become lackadaisical and do not recognize or act on the warning signs when they appear. Since a lot can go wrong in a short amount of time, your medical team should be vigilant and ready to respond should an issue develop. Failure to respond in time can be devastating.

Common birth injures caused by medical negligence at birth may include:

Types of birth injury lawsuits

When it comes to birth injury lawsuits, most malpractice claims fall into the following categories:

  • Failure to treat fetal distress – can lead to Cerebral Palsy and brain damage.
  • Failure to properly treat shoulder dystocia – can lead to permanent paralysis, numbness of the shoulder, arm, or hand, loss of functional movement, shortened limbs, and other brachial plexus injuries.
  • Failure to properly manage high-risk pregnancies – can lead to a number of injuries or even death of the mother and/or child.

Whether fetal distress deprived your child of critical oxygen and the medical staff did not respond accordingly or the medical team failed to recognize the signs of sepsis in the NICU, the dedicated birth injury attorneys at Hyatt & Weber will make your case a top priority.

Experienced birth injury attorneys

At Hyatt & Weber, our dedicated birth injury attorneys will take the time to assess your case and discuss all of your options with you before deciding on the best course of action. We will fight to protect the rights of you and your child, and we may be able to help you obtain compensation for any negligent actions. Please do not hesitate to contact our birth injury lawyers at (410) 266-0626 to schedule an appointment!

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