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What Causes Infant Brain Damage?


Infant brain damage has many causes, including birth injury in Annapolis . Infant brain damage is devastating for parents, regardless of the circumstances. However, when a healthcare provider’s negligence results in traumatic brain injury, the situation is especially sad because it could have been avoided. If your infant has suffered brain damage, it is important to consult with an attorney to determine if the physician or hospital may be to blame. Keep reading to learn more about what causes infant brain damage, including insufficient oxygen, physical trauma, and maternal infection. medical-family

Insufficient Oxygen

Infant brain damage can be caused by insufficient oxygen during the delivery process. This can result in different kinds of traumatic brain injury. Cerebral palsy causes developmental problems, including speech disorders. This serious condition can also result in difficulty walking, muscle spasms, or paralysis. Other traumatic brain injuries result if the umbilical cord is cut too soon, if an infant gets stuck in the birth canal, if an infant’s lungs are blocked, or if the placenta and uterus separate too quickly. Sadly, many of these injuries are entirely preventable.

Physical Trauma

Infant brain injury may also be caused by physical trauma during a C-section or vaginal birth. Brain damage may result if a physician pulls too hard during the delivery process. Injury can also occur if a physician or doctor’s assistant uses tools like forceps incorrectly. When birth-assisting tools are used improperly, brain damage and spinal cord injury can result. Injury to the mother or baby also occurs during an excessively long and difficult labor.

Maternal Infection

Maternal infection can result in baby brain damage if it is not properly treated before delivery. If a physician is able to properly diagnose and treat an infection, the chances of the infant being affected significantly decrease. One of the most common infections is known as preeclampsia. This disorder causes a pregnant woman’s blood pressure to increase to unsafe levels. This causes restricted blood flow and puts her baby at risk for brain damage.