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Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries


Patients who live in Annapolis and have been diagnosed with a spinal cord injury often face an unfavorable prognosis. A spinal cord injury can cause permanent paralysis and require a lifetime of extensive and expensive care. After an accident that involves a spinal cord injury, it’s crucial to consult an attorney right away to avoid forfeiting your right to file a claim for compensation. You might consult an attorney about this type of injury following a car accident, which is a common cause of spinal cord injuries. The other driver might be held liable for negligent or reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Another possible cause is a fall, including falls from an elevated position. Falls can sometimes constitute premises liability cases when the property owner or manager failed to correct a hazardous condition. Other possible causes of spinal cord injuries include medical malpractice, such as emergency room errors, anesthesia mistakes, and surgical mistakes. Spinal-Cord-Injuries