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Do You Have a Case for Premise Liability?


Premises liability cases are more often called slip and fall accidents. Falls can lead to serious injuries. In some cases, injury resulting from a fall can be similar to health problems sustained in a car accident, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and bone fractures. However, not every fall can constitute a premises liability case. You can contact a personal injury lawyer in Baltimore to determine if your case may form the basis of a lawsuit.

In order to file a premises liability lawsuit, your attorney must be able to prove that you fell and sustained injuries as a direct result of someone else’s negligence, such as the property owner or building manager. For example, you might slip on the sidewalk outside a retail store because the store manager failed to remove snow and ice. Or, you might fall on a stairwell in an apartment building because the property owner failed to install adequate lighting. Unsafe construction areas, slippery tiles, and uneven flooring may also cause a slip and fall accident. In some cases, your attorney may even file a lawsuit if you were the victim of violence. For example, he or she could claim that your apartment building manager failed to install necessary security systems, leading to a mugging in the lobby.

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