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Premises Liability Attorneys Hold Property Owners Responsible When You’ve Been Injured

You Have a Right to Compensation

Every year, thousands of people make claims in an area of law called premises liability accidents, which are more commonly referred to as slip and fall accidents. Although it is relatively common for people to trip and fall, premises liability cases arise when your slip and fall accident is the result of the property owner’s negligence. For example, it is reasonable for the owner of a business to make sure snow and ice have been shoveled and plowed and that all outside surfaces are safe after a major snowstorm. If the property owner doesn’t clean up well enough or at all, they can – and should – be held liable.

Some of the most common causes of premises liability accidents are:

  • Dangerous stairways, railings, and ramps
  • Ice and snow on sidewalks and on pavement
  • Improper lighting
  • Potholes in sidewalks and pavement
  • Uneven sidewalks and pavement
  • Unsafe construction sites
  • Wet and/or slippery surfaces

You may be a personal injury victim if you were injured in a situation like this. If you believe that your slip and fall accident was caused by the property owner’s negligence, it is in your best interest to call a Maryland personal injury lawyer to pursue the case.

Meet with Hyatt & Weber Injury Law Today

The Annapolis personal injury lawyers at Hyatt & Weber have been helping people receive compensation for their slip and fall injuries in Anne Arundel and Prince George’s counties since 1979. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you determine whether you were a personal injury victim and to pursue your cause.

How can a Maryland personal injury lawyer at Hyatt & Weber help me after I am injured in a slip and fall accident?

  • Determine whether your injury was due to the property owner’s negligence.
  • Our lawyers can retrieve the proper records and witnesses for your lawsuit.
  • Obtain compensation for your medical bills, as well as pain and suffering associated with your injury.
  • Hold the negligent property owner responsible for their negligence and help avoid future slip and fall accidents.

Please call us today at 866-590-8719 or fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation with our Annapolis personal injury lawyers. We are dedicated to helping you obtain maximum compensation for your slip and fall accident injuries.

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