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How to Reduce Your Chance of Rear-End Collision


A rear-end car accident can cause a serious injury that may result in missed time at work, multiple doctor’s appointments, and other inconveniences. You can reduce your risk of a car accident by paying close attention to the traffic around you. Leave a gap of at least one car length for every 10 miles per hour between your car and the vehicle ahead of you. More than 75 percent of rear-end collisions could have been avoided just by maintaining proper following distances. If you’re concerned about a driver who is tailgating your vehicle, consider switching lanes or pulling over if possible.

The attorneys at Annapolis firm Hyatt & Weber encourage you to watch this video for more helpful tips on preventing car crashes. You’ll learn about common follow distance cues, such as evaluating fixed points and brake lights, and more.

If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident, personal injury attorney Paul Weber may be able to help. He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. While nothing can alter the life changing impact of an injury, Hyatt & Weber is committed to helping you obtain maximum compensation. For a complimentary consultation, call 888-901-3523, fill out our contact form, or send an email to