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Hold Doctors Responsible for Emergency Room Errors

Emergency rooms are busy places where medical professionals such as doctors, registered nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, all must be trained to quickly assess a person’s injuries and provide appropriate treatment. Emergency room healthcare providers work under an enormous amount of pressure as they diagnose, treat, and release patients. However, they have a duty to provide every patient with accurate and necessary treatment to avoid future complications. Failure to do so is a form of medical malpractice. You are entitled to seek compensation for any damages an emergency room doctor’s negligence has caused.

Emergency room negligence can take many forms, such as:

If you or someone in your family has suffered personal injury, or wrongful death, due to an Emergency Room error in Maryland, the experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Hyatt & Weber Injury Law can provide you with a complimentary evaluation of your case to assess what went wrong, determine whether the healthcare providers involved could or should have acted differently, and figure out whether you are entitled to receive compensation for any damages caused by the healthcare provider’s negligence. Our goal is to help you receive the maximum compensation possible for your case. We represent clients throughout Maryland, including Greenbelt in Prince George’s County and Waldorf in Charles County.

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